jobIf you are in this industry know matter if you are marketing online or off the moral of this story is how can you help others see what you see.

I not talking about convincing others to become entrepreneurs but to show them that there is another way of living your life other than to work at a job for 40 years.. which never happens these days.

I’m talking about helping, inspiring, and educating people that are looking for what you have to offer, even though they don’t know they are looking for what you have.

I know it may sound strange but this industry has a way of working in ways you can’t explain.

Quick example I sponsored someone that never heard of network marketing or even the concept of this industry.

He wasn’t aggressively looking for something but once he was exposed to the business he joined and followed the system and started making money.

So just let them know what you do without being pushy and if it’s for them they will let you know… With a little follow up of course.


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