My name is Ronnie Green, I’m an Internet Network Marketer and Coach.
I was born and raised in New York City 44 years ago. While growing up I’ve always been a person that wanted to live life on my own terms and become a business owner.

Growing up as a young person I watched my grandfather run two businesses a neighborhood grocery store and a moving company. My father also owned a grocery store  and I knew I inherited my business acumen from these motivated business men working hard to take care of their families.

While growing up I’ve always had the entrepreneurial spirit and had my own small business like paper routes as a young kid, a grocery delivery business and a club promo business. As time went on I found myself working in the world of corporate America, but was never happy with working for someone else.

I got introduced to the traditional network marketing industry in 2001 and was working that business part/time along with my 9 to 5 for years with small to moderate success, but the education along the way has been invaluable. I remember building my business traditionally, using flyers, business cards, talking to strangers while out and about in stores and sharing my business opportunity with anyone that would listen. That way of doing the business does work for some people but it did not work successfully for me.

So I turned to the Internet and with hard work and determination I learned how to build my business on the Internet using business building strategies such as Article marketing, social media and many other online marketing techniques that I am now using to not only build my business but that I’m helping other people have success building their business as well.

So the reason I started this blog is because I know there are many other people like myself that are looking for success with their network marketing business that I could share my business lessons and experiences with that can benefit others and help turn their businesses around and help them finally get into profit.

On this blog I will be sharing ideas, tips and marketing techniques such as list building, web 2.0 and attraction marketing strategies.  So welcome to the blog, take in the training and feel free to comment, leave ideas you want to share or contact me for questions as I share with others how to increase their business success with the same techniques and strategies that I use everyday.

If you are building your business like I was and you haven’t quite found the success that you are looking for I am here to help you get your business built in the way that you always dreamed it could  be,  successful making the kind of income that you are looking for working from home. I can show you how this business is being done successfully online from home using a system that assists you in taking your business to the next level and dominating any network marketing company that you are with.

To your success,


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