Are you going forward or are you standing still.

We all do it we start our business building day off with the intention of following our success plan and then it happens.. We may start one marketing strategy and before we know it we are opening up emails and clicking on links and that is before we even get to the social media sites. Once we hit facebook and twitter we are maybe one or two hours into our marketing time.

What we have to realize is that it so easy to get distracted on the internet, there is so much going on that before you know it you have to take care of something else in your life.

So I wanted to write this lesson about this subject because it happens to the best of us, even the gurus out there that you see making serious money.

The key is to manage your time extremely carefully because if not you will look up and 3 or 4 hours will have passed and you’ll say oh well there’s always tomorrow.

So you have to buckle down and make a stand and say  business time is production time and nothing will get in your way. Easier said than done but this is the only way you will get the success you are looking for. 

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