Hi guys I wanted to do a product review for a program that I found to be very effective in helping me stay on track with to-do and task lists. I have been looking around the internet for a while for a  program that will help me stay focused on my to-do list, because with everything that has to be done in our everyday lives it’s not hard to be distracted and taken off your daily targets.

So I wanted something on my computer that was easy to use that I could use on a daily basis that could get the job done. I started using a handwritten list  every day and it worked fine then I started using the notepad program that is included with windows and that also worked well.

Then one day while searching I came across a program called Veedid Task List and it was everything I was looking for, it’s a task list, to-do list and a memo pad all rolled up into one. I’ve been using this program with some great results because it keep me on track of my daily goals that I list out for myself and when I want to write a quick memo It can be done in the same program without a hitch.

The best thing about it is that Veedid is a desktop program so when I want to use it or want to refer back to past memos or lists it’s always on my computer.

So I left a link to the program here on the page so that you can check  out for yourself. The company provides a 30- day free trial for the product that you can use. I’m sure that you will find this product to be a productive tool for your everyday needs.   http://www.veedid.com/desktop-task-list/index.htm

And no this not an affiliate link, I think this is a good product and recommend it to everyone.

Leave a comment on the blog on how you like the program.