There is a lot of talk about how people are moving their network marketing business online. There are many different reasons why someone decides to make that decision.

Some of the most popular reasons that I hear that people have made the change varies from answers like they believe that it’s easier to it saves them so much time. These can be very valid reasons why they made the change but it is all about their own personal reason why the change was made.

I want to talk about my own personal reasons why I made the change and why I think these are two of the reasons why most people fail in network marketing. The first reason why I decided to take my network marketing business online was because after I wrote my initial list of family and friends that my upline told me to write and after contacting them, I eventually ran out of people to talk to. Using the internet to market my business, using online prospecting techniques was a way that helped me with that problem.

The second reason why I decided to take my network marketing business online is because I ran out of money to help me advertise and got discouraged because for all the time and effort I was putting in I didn’t see enough money coming in. So I figured that I had to quit the business all together or make some changes in how I was doing the business.

So like I said I made the choice that I thought was right for me. I have friends in many different MLM companies that are killing it right now using traditional methods and would not even think of making a change to use online MLM methods.

I can say that with out a doubt that the reason that I am having the network marketing business success that I am having is directly related to the funded proposal system that I use to market my business.

To Your Success,

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