Tupperware is a company that sells storage products for different shapes and sizes to keep your variety of food items and other related products that need to be kept in air tight containers.

This company was founded in 1946 by Earl Tupper who started a business of developing a range of polyethylene food storage containers. Most of us have Tupperware products in our home. I think it is the best part of this company that shows powerful influence on the public.

Tupperware has become a most popular competing product by the consumers. The company also manufactures kids’ toy, cutlery sets, beauty products and several types of cookware items. With a motive of having maximum consumers of Tupperware products, a company provides a business opportunity for the people who want to have their own home based business. This Tupperware review will help you to get the right answers regarding whether this opportunity is a right fit for you or not.

With this MLM business opportunity, you will get a chance to distribute their numerous products from the comforts of your home. Tupperware offers financial freedom to its distributors and consumers. Do you want to become a consultant of Tupperware? Just purchase any one kit from the two available kits named as Business Kit and Executive Kit. You have to pay $79.99 for Business Kit while $119.99 needs to be pay for Executive Business Kit. You have to pay additional $15.95 per month if you want to have a pre-built website offered by company.

Just becoming its consultant is not enough. You have to make sales of minimum $250 within first 4 months. It is required to always maintain an active status. But, if due to any reason you become inactive, not to worry at all. Just pay $10 and reactivate your status. But, do not forget that as a result of this reactivation you will lose your complete downline.

This business opportunity makes you able to earn 25% of commission on their products sales. You will also get a chance to earn  bonuses if you meet their certain sales criteria. Exceeding  sales beyond $1200, you will gain 5% bonus and get a 10% bonus for exceeding $3,200 in sales. With a large downline you will get bonuses based on your sales and team members under your supervision.

Like the other MLM companies, Tupperware also enable you to earn income based on your performance, your team’s performance and the number of people you recruit. The overall Tupperware Review gives a conclusion that this company is a legitimate business opportunity. You can start your home business with Tupperware anytime. The company is definitely a legit business to associate with but the company’s reputation alone is not going to put money in your pocket and build you a successful business alone, you must be trained how to market…  Take a look at this short video on how to market yourself and your business to make money in whatever company you are building.

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Ronnie Green

Ronnie Green