The network marketing industry has been alive for over a century now and it has proven to be a very lucrative industry to be in. Over the years there have been many traditional mlm marketing strategies that were used to build some very big businesses and many are still used today. Many people say that some of the strategies that are being taught today don’t work any longer but I beg to differ.

In this article I will talk about 2 of the many marketing techniques that still work today that will always work. With the development of new communication technologies and gadgets many people are not using some of the older traditional strategies but they still work just fine.

One of the traditional mlm marketing methods that will always work is using the 3 foot rule. They call this strategy the 3 foot rule because you are supposed to talk to any and everyone within 3 feet of where you are and ask them if they are interested in an additional way of making money. This way of building your business works because you are using the law of large numbers. If you set a goal of talking to 100 people a day you will get some people that will say yes and you will contact them at a later date for a follow up session.

The second traditional mlm marketing method that will always work is utilizing home meetings. This is a strategy where you invite your friends, family and acquaintances over to your house after you have shared some information about your new business and have a more detailed presentation prepared for them to look at, preferably done by an experienced representative.

These are just 2 techniques that you can use to build your network marketing business, I wanted to get into these because they have and will always stand the test of time. If you use your imagination and use any combination of these strategies and sprinkle some of the online marketing methods in with them I’m sure you will be on a path to building a successful network marketing business.

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