You are in network marketing and the only way that you market the business you’re in is from the advise that most people are giving, traditional word of mouth and with friends and family. The traditional style of network marketing is still a good way of building your business, you’re able to work with the people you feel comfortable with and build long lasting relationships. The new school way of building your network marketing business is bringing your business online and using a funded proposal system for your MLM business.

A funded proposal system is an effective way of marketing your business online that is very beneficial to the business builder because it helps with two major components of doing this type of business, being able to produce leads and being able to make some money. Being able to produce leads for yourself is important because if you don’t have people to talk to you will be out of business as quickly as you came in. This component is one of the number one reasons why people fail in this industry off line or online. Being able to make money in your business while you’re building it is helpful not only for your business, but because it take time for your residual income to build up, it’s important to your state of mind to let you experience that feeling of “this stuff really works” that alone is a feeling that most people never experience because they don’t stay in long enough.

So I wanted to share just three of the drawbacks that I think not using a funded proposal system for your MLM business will slow down your success or even cause you failure.

1. You make money while you are prospecting for leaders for your business, so many people that probably would have made it to the top of their companies quit too soon because they got discouraged and it took too long for them to get into cash-flow. If they were able to put a small amount of money into their pockets until the residual income started to develop they would have realized their dream.

2. You generate your own leads, this is a good one because most people rely on making a list of friends and family and when that list of people is gone the business starts to stagnate. Once that happens a lot of people start buying leads that are of very little quality. With a funded proposal system you are taught to generate high quality targeted leads.

3. You provide a duplicatable system for your new representative that come into your business. Instead of you sending them out there with a list of friends and family in hand, a highly duplicatable system is available for them to learn these marketing strategies and get results just like you.

So building your network marketing business without using a funded proposal system can be done and it’s done everyday, but by using a funded proposal system it helps your business run a whole lot smoother with less stress.