giveOne of the reasons why so many people struggle in their network marketing business is because they believe this thing is all about selling.

There is a large majority of people out there that have a real problem with selling things.

They don’t believe they can sell anything and when they hear that they will be selling things they are instantly turned off.

Now my personal opinion is that everything we do is about selling.

When we go for a job interview we are selling ourselves to the company, when we meet someone we are interested in we are selling ourselves.

In this industry it’s not about selling it is about giving in so many ways.

It’s just up to the person that we are giving to to notice if they are open to taking a look at making extra money.

When I say giving I mean giving value to the market place.

I mean giving ideas and training to others, the training to help people realize their dreams, giving people the tools and techniques that is needed to build a successful team.

So this business is not about selling or convincing it’s about giving or attracting the right people that are ready to build a business.


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