I’m writing this post in regard to this great Blog Theme that I was introduced to and am now using. When you decide to finally get your blog up and running there is a lot of planning, and the decisions that you do make as far as which blogging platform to use, are you going to go with blogger, wordpress.com, wordpress.org, are you going to self host or not. Once you do get your blog downloaded you get caught up in… what theme am I going to go with? Then there is a whole other set of decisions  to make. There is the layout examples, two columns, three columns, plug-ins and a whole host of other thing to think about. So after searching online and speaking to friends I was given a few examples of websites to take a look at. That’s when I found The Word press Dream Theme by a web designer named Ben Cope, once I took a look at his work I liked the flexability of how you can choose layouts, colors, change tabbing formats so I gave him a call and he worked with me all the way down to the finished product you see now.

So if you are going to get yourself and your business online I know one of the first things you will want to do is share your products, thoughts, and ideas with others. I’ve had my blog up for a short time and I’m getting a lot of compliments on it so far, so I said let me do a blog post on The Word press Dream Theme, maybe someone will get some value from it.  So to save yourself the time and energy of searching all over for a good blog platform and theme you could take a look at  the info I have about the Dream Theme on my blog and I’m sure you will enjoy it as much as I do.

To your success,

Ronnie Green