The social media scene is exploding world wide all over the internet. The power of social media is growing so fast and the value of it can’t even be measured of how beneficial it is to everyday life. We have very young children with social sites communicating on a daily basis at extremely long periods of time, if not on a computer it’s done on their cell phones. The children are on these sites to basically  have dialogue with friends and family and they could get caught up in some mischievous activities also and get into trouble.

The older adults are using the power of social media to communicate with friends, family and a variety of other ways of using it. They use it to keep in touch with people that they have lost contact with over the years and through sites like Myspace and Facebook connected again because of the ease of staying in contact. They use it to keep up to date on certain video content from You Tube where they can send and receive videos from others.

I think at this day and age of social media we are not even at the tip of the iceberg on how this technology will be used, the coming advancements of the way we will be using it is beyond our scope of understanding. The way it’s being used now is quite remarkable, so I know in the future we have some surprises in store for us.

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