Now that you have started your online business, marketing to existing customer’s questions or doing other email tasks can really be time-consuming especially when you have to do them one by one. For you to get these things done without you having to manually respond to them whenever you want to send them a message you having to wake up 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, an autoresponder is a good option for you.

An autoresponder is a software program that sends a pre-programmed reply to the queries made through emails. It’s such a great saver because it can keep you from spending too much time on responding to the same questions and sending the same message and be able to follow up on an ongoing basis.

There are different types of autoresponders, and it is necessary that you know these so you can decide which type would fit best for you and your online business. Basically, there are two types of autoresponders

1.Paid Autoresponders This kind of autoresponder is one that is hosted from other websites. Basically, the autoresponder is coming from a web-based company that will host your mail and include it on their server. All you have to do is to simply set up a generic email and then they’ll do the rest. They usually require you a monthly fee for their services. An example of this is GVO, Getresponse and Aweber .

2. Free Autoresponder Services. This type of service is somewhat similar to paid autoresponders only that they have fewer features as compared to the paid ones and some even place third party advertisements in addition to the generic email they send. There are two things with using free auto responders that I don’t like one is that since the company don’t charge you what they do is constantly advertise on their pages so whenever you send a message the advertising is visible to others. The other thing is that deliverability is not that great. Now if you are sending a message to a certain amount of people you want your message seen by all of those people not just a percentage.

Autoresponders are timesavers when it comes to the time consuming task of email responding. It saves you lots of time and effort. This is the one tool that you need if you are going to be marketing any business online, and especially if you are a network marketer following up and presenting to a massive number of people everyday.

There are many autoresponders that you can use to build your business but some are more reliable than others. My personal recommendation is to use a paid autoresponder service and the company that I am personally using now is GVO they have everything that you would need in an autoresponder and the deliverablity is really good. Check out here what GVO is all about.

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Ronnie Green

Ronnie Green