This is Ronnie Green guys and I took the plunge to challenge myself to make a few changes for the better in my business.
There are few philosophies that I’ve learned in my years in this business, one of them I learned from a very successful network marketer, and that is there can be times in your business if you are not doing that the daily method of operation that you need to be doing to build your business you can become somewhat stuck in inactivity or as I call it being cold.

Once you get to the point to where you are a cold marketer you basically have two choices.

1. You can stay stuck until you quit
2. You can be strong get your mind right and turn your business around or as I call it get hot.

Now what most people do is throw in the towel because they don’t have it in them to recharge their batteries and start to make it happen.

What a very few people do is find a way to turn their business around and make things happen to put their business on the right track.

That’s where the 100 day business challenge comes in

A couple of successful internet network marketers Adam Chandler and Jordan Schultz started a new 100 day business challenge to help create a mastermind group where you commit to keeping yourself motivated and in consistent action 100 days.

I jumped in with a good group of up-and-coming marketers set some goals for myself on what I am going to consistently be doing on a daily basis.

I will be updating my progress on this blog throughout the 100 days. The strategies I’m using, my successes as well as my challenges will be updated in future blog posts so stay tuned in for my updates as I knock this out the park.

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