I want to make a profound statement about building a successful MLM business. It’s all about generating targeted MLM leads. Before I started using the internet to build my business I built my business just like you may have, by following the advice of my upline and making a list and telling them about my new found business.

Now this way of doing business has provided extraordinary income for countless amounts of people but it never produced the kind of success I was looking for. But without using the internet it’s almost impossible to get a healthy stream of targeted MLM leads interested in looking at your business.

When you are building a network marketing business the name of the game is recruiting, if you are not talking to the right people on a daily basis you will never pick up the momentum that you need to sustain the success that you are looking for.

That’s why you must do everything you can to only talk to an interested targeted mlm lead. I think that the best place to seek out very mlm specific leads is to us the internet.

There is a very popular prospecting technique that is used in offline mlm recruiting called the 3 foot rule. This is when you talk to any and everyone within a 3 foot radius about your mlm business with the hopes of them being interested in making an additional income for themselves.

One way that I have found to get a steady stream of targeted mlm leads is to write articles about topics only people in or are interested in network marketingwant to know about.

Another way that I have found to generate targeted mlm leads for my mlm business is to post videos, articles and information people researching about network marketing want to know about.

When people find my articles and blog posts I routinely get contacted by targeted mlm leads on questions that they have on how they can build their business or even add some of my marketing strategies into some of the techniques that they are using.

So when I said “your business is dead without this”, you can build a successful business without talking to targeted mlm leads but your level of success is much higher with people interested in what you have to offer.

To Your Success,

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