There are many ways that you can market yourself and your business these day and when most people decide to come on the internet and use the variety of ways to promote their businesses the first thing that they think they need is a website. I want to talk about Squidoo as a marketing strategy especially for new people that are just getting started with marketing online.

Squidoo is a web 2.0 website that is designed to let anyone setup their own “lens” and talk about anything that they want to talk about. Some people set up these  squidoo lens to do a variety of things like promote themselves, their families, their hobbies, pets and even write them to promote their businesses.

Some people that are not into marketing use squidoo to get their thoughts and ideas out about different things. A good reason that it is a great marketing strategy is because it can be substituted as a website to promote yourself and your products until you decide to develop your own website or blog.

It is a very flexible website that not only lets you use text but you can also use audio and video content in many different combinations to convey the messages that you want to get across . One of the most important reasons that marketers use Squidoo as a marketing strategy is that the search engines love the content on this website and it indexes it really well which is helpful in getting your desired message or whatever your trying to promote seen by a large amount of people.

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