There is a big buzz out there on how using social marketing strategies are being used to help people build all types of business. When it comes to marketing your MLM business online social media marketing is becoming a popular technique to use.

In this article I will talk about a few of the social marketing strategies and some of the popular social media sites that they can be implemented on.

The top three web 2.0 social sites are Face book, Twitter and LinkedIn. The reason why these sites are so popular is because of the many multiples of millions of people that hang out at these sites daily.

Now since so many people visit these very popular websites each and everyday, this is such a great place to go to meet people that may be interested in what you have to sell or to prospect for business partners for your MLM business.

The object to using social marketing strategies and the most important to me is to connect with other like minded individuals and build relationships with them.

This is done by joining groups of interest and adding people of interest as friends. Many people understand this part of using social media to market but where they drop the ball is that they leave out the most important piece of the puzzle which is building a relationship; after you’ve added them as friends you must build relationships with these new friends sharing info and conversation with them.

Another important social marketing strategy is to brand yourself as an expert and leader in your chosen field. You do this by providing answers to questions that they may need help with. When they see that you are the go to person in that area and can help them with other problems a since of trust is built and the relationship builds from there. That’s when you can introduce your business to them and explain what it is all about.

These are just a few of the social marketing strategies that that can be used to market your business online. There are many others but these are the foundational principles that are needed to start a successful social media campaign.

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