Most of the people looking for the best network marketing business are unaware about the emerging MLM business named as RippIn. I had heard many things about RippIn and was eager to find out what exact it is. Frankly speaking, I do not have much detail but want to share some information which I have put together in this article.

RippIn is one of the growing MLM businesses with a hope of providing great profitable business opportunity to the interested people. Brian Underwood is the CEO of this company and describes himself as a “serial entrepreneur” and “global innovator”. He has built several online companies in the span of 20 years. Among them, few have been labeled as scam by the people who tried their luck in marketing business.

Basically, RippIn is a network marketing company whose main purpose was to market a phone application called RippIn. It is an application which is designed for mobile devices and allows its users to interact with other RippIn members. That means group of people who is the part of RippIn can easily communicate with one another using this application. The users of this app can also buy third party affiliate offers or apps based on their preferences.  At the very early stage, RippIn was offering compensation plan with free affiliates/fans. After that, $20 was paid to you for every 5 fans that were promoted and pay for RippIn phone app. Besides it, a company also offered various bonus schemes to attract more and more people into such business including coaching bonuses, matching coaching bonuses, all-star bonuses.

But from May 16, 2013, RippIn has announced a completely new compensation plan with a cost of $9.50 per affiliate/fan. RippIn is also sponsoring one event named as “No Excuses 4 Summit”. It is considered as a training session for the RippIn members at a cost of $497 for each member. RippIn is working hard to run a promoting campaign so that more and more people get attracted towards this business opportunity of marketing RippIn app.

I had also read an article in which it was stated that Michael Rutherford, a member of RippIn, is the first person to make out a down line of 100,000. At that time, among the total signups with over 516,000 affiliates, Michael holds nearly 1/5th of sign ups in his down line. In this new MLM program of Brian Underwood, Michael has contributed a lot to stay at the top of the compensation plan.

Recently, RippIn has launched “Martian smart watch”, a blue-tooth extension device for your phone and a “Photo Guessaroo”, a game app for Apple iPhones and android devices.

The overall review of RippIn concludes that its MLM programs are not working well as the members are finding it hard to make their down lines and not making much money from purchases.

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Ronnie Green

Ronnie Green