When most people are getting started in their network marketing business they are so excited to get started on this new journey of breaking into the world of free enterprise. The first few weeks they are running on pure anxiety from starting a new chapter in life. They begin to learn new skills on how to get this thing going and start selling their products and services. They also start learning how they are going to have to start approaching friends and family and telling them what they are into and then it happens.

In this article I wanted to give a couple of network marketing recruiting tips that will ease some of the fears that come with this business. These tips will help the new person prepare themselves when they start getting their first no’s in the business from the people that they just knew were going to be their first yes.

When we talk about rejection and fear in this business this is the primary reason that stops people from achieving the success that they are looking for. The way to combat this problem is to inform your new recruits in the beginning about this and teach them some mindset techniques on how best to deal with this.

One of the techniques that a new representative should be taught is when you start letting your friends and family know about your business you can do it by sending out a simple letter or postcard telling them a little about why you wanted to start a business and follow up that letter with your upline leader by phone so they can take some of the sting out of the rejections.

Another recruiting tip that can help would be to schedule a time when the upline leader and the representative can sit down and do a one or two hour phone session and all of the new person’s prospects can be talked to by the more experienced leader. This will be just an appointment setting call that you can invite interested people to so that the business can be presented to many people at once this is what is call a home meeting.

These are some of the many ways that will help new and inexperienced people deal with the rejection that is involved with this business. There are many others but I think working with a new persons from the very start primarily with their mindset and letting them know what they will be in for will prove to be one of the most effective.

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