If you are in any direct sales or MLM business the number one activity that you get paid for is recruiting. What if there were a few things that you could incorporate into your tool box of recruiting techniques that can make your life as a successful network marketer a little easier? If you can have this important part of your business a little more understood it can save you loads of time and you’ll have more money coming into your bank account.

In this article I’m going to discuss a few recruiting tips that will help you recruit people into your business without having to look like you are begging them and putting that extra added stress on you when they reject your invitation.

Most people come into network marketing and look at recruiting as something that is a onetime event that is done all at once. They look at it as just showing someone the business once and expecting to get a positive response every time and when that doesn’t happen they take that negative result to heart.

Recruiting in this game should be looked at as being a process that is something that is done over a period of time. Just because someone says no to your opportunity that does not always mean they are not interested, it could just mean that this currently is not a good time. Recruiting should be looked at initially as a sorting and qualification process for the prospect, what I mean is that when you identify someone as a person that you would like to introduce your business to you should find out if they have the desire and drive that it takes in this business to succeed. You are looking for potential leaders with a strong level of commitment.

Another recruiting tip that will be helpful to you is that your attitude should be one of a person that is strong and confident. You should come across as a person that they can learn from and that can take them to the level of success that they desire, and not a person that is just hoping and praying for them to get into your business. Most representatives are not recruiting to the level that they would like because they come across as someone that is desperate or that is begging for a new recruit.

These recruiting tips will definitely help in you thinking a little differently about how this business is supposed to be done. This information should not only give you a few ideas on how to recruit better it should change your mindset into being a professional network marketer that is confident, strong and not one on a emotional roller coaster with one foot in the business and the other foot out.

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