The traditional way of building a network marketing business has proven to work for many people for over 50 or 60 years. Using these traditional techniques of building a business will always work, people are achieving their goals and dreams of leaving the 9 to 5 work grind and providing themselves and their families with a life of freedom and financial independence.

This way of doing business works because of that very dream, so many people are looking for a way that they can do something different and when they hear that a friend or family member has had some monetary success they are eager to find out what it is with the hope that they can have the same success. What I want to outline in this article is how people are not only having success traditionally but how they are having online mlm success.

Most of the same techniques and strategies apply when you are building your business on the internet. When you are using internet strategies of course it all starts with a dream of a better life and achieving financial independence. I think it all starts for some with that spark of wanting a better life, wanting to own something and the desire to work for you.

The major difference in using the internet is in how far and how fast you can reach out to prospects. Being able to use social media websites, blogs and search engines gives you the ability to build relationships with countless amounts of people from all corners of the world.

The internet gives you the ability of sharing your company presentation with hundreds of people a day, opposed to doing one on one presentations or home meeting with just a limited amounts of people.

It all comes down to prospecting and sharing your business opportunity presentation. The traditional way of doing this business will always be an effective way of building your business but using the internet to build your online mlm business is becoming increasingly popular.

Whether you are building your business the traditional way or you are building your network marketing business on the internet there are specific strategies and techniques that have to be implemented to become successful.

With traditional methods your upline mentorship talks about writing down a list of people, and talking to friends and family to build your business. With online methods there are many ways to prospect, some of the ways are using social media, placing online ads and other ways that people are using to have success.