As great of an industry network marketing is, when it comes to a new person getting started just like anything it can be confusing to get off to a successful start unless you have a few things in place. The most important thing that you must have is good upline and team leadership. These necessary things are not always provided   to people when they first get into this business because sometimes the person that brings you in the business can be a new representative themselves so their just getting their feet wet like you are.

In this article I will be giving advise to people that are in this business for the first time and helping others that may have been in for a while and I’ll be talking about how not to get caught up in some of the pitfalls that are easy for an inexperienced person to fall into. These network marketing tips should be a valuable resource in pointing them in the right direction.

One of the first pitfalls that representatives falls into is that this is a get rich quick scheme, when they go to the weekly meetings and hear some of the success stories of how people are seeing success within their first few weeks and they expect the same level of success for themselves. These success stories do happen but not everyone can or should expect this level of success. This is a true business and like anything else it takes time to build, this should be the mind set of a new person coming into the business.

Another pitfall that representatives should be on the lookout for and not fall into is that they feel that this is not a real business. I say this because once a new person is in for a few week or months and they have experienced the level of rejection that they have because of the many negative responses that they have received, they don’t take the business as seriously as they should. They start to feel that because the business has a low start up cost that the business is not a real business, they start treating it as a hobby. To combat this they must set up a strict schedule on when they are going do the business and focus on business building activities on a daily basis.

Another network marketing tip that I want to discuss is that there is only one way of doing this business. Most people come in this business and follow the system that is in place by their upline leaders and for the most part this way of doing business does work and it leads to success for many of the representatives but for others it just doesn’t fit them personally. So I want to say that there are many ways to do this business and they should research and find a few strategies they can use to best fit their personality.

Now don’t get me wrong there is always going to be some discomfort involved, they are just going to have to learn how to get out of their comfort zone and get comfortable with learning how to build a strong and profitable network marketing business.

To Your Success,

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