Network marketing is actually an industry that started back in the 1930s that was very new to the conventional ways of marketing products and services. Back in those days it started out as a way for small companies to get their line of products to market by way of customer participation. Customers would buy the product, use it and get good results and they found out that the product was of great use and started telling people about it.

Soon after the company owners found this way of marketing was good, they said what if they put in a monetary bonus of some kind and gave the original buyers that told their friends and family about these products a little kick back, just maybe the sales results would increase. What an increase in business it was, and the network marketing industry was born. That process went on for years with many different products like vitamins, household goods like soap, toothpaste and cleaning products. It expanded into other products also such as vacuum cleaners, life insurance, the travel industry and legal services just to name a few.

As time went on the network marketing industry for more than one reason or the other had a bad name attached to it, for reasons like jealous multimillion dollar company owners didn’t like the fact that small companies with no traditional advertising were able to give them competition. This industry was legitimized back in the late 70’s early 80’s and today you see the evidence of this great industry throughout the world.

The history of the network marketing industry holds true to the fact that it is one of the best when it comes to free enterprise. It is truly here and available for the people like myself and others that are in search for financial independence. Now with the growth of this industry on the internet it just grows that much faster.

Now the industry is a multi billion dollar industry and is growing on a daily basis. With new companies being started on a weekly and monthly basis with products of all kinds, the only way to be successful in this business online is to find the tools and training needed to succeed and implement them on a daily basis.