Okay guys this is where the rubber meets the road what are we really doing in this industry of network marketing.

I want to give you a little  network marketing education and give you some insight on what you should be thinking about while building your MLM business, especially if this is all new to you.

Many people come into this industry of network marketing and don’t have a true understanding about what this industry is all about.What we are actually doing in MLM is we are marketing and promoting the products and services that our company provides with the goal of selling these products to our friends, families and acquaintances.

Now the company can easily market and promote their own product line the way most other companies do, but the result of that business model is very costly. To have to hire an office staff, sales reps and many others that is needed to run a business,  business owners quickly realize how expensive it is to run a company the traditional way.

With  running a company the network marketing route the company literally partners up with individuals like you and I to market, promote and sell products and services. In turn the company keeps all of the advertising dollars and the advertising is done by us the representatives.

Now that the company doesn’t have to spend a big chunk of their profits on marketing the  products and services they are able to pay out commissions to the representatives and save a lot of operating fees.

So what I wanted to do is give you a network marketing education  on how the industry works and to let you know that you are doing a good thing by starting your own home based business, by joining a network marketing business.

There are two reasons why I say this one is that it helps grow the company that you chose to do business with become more profitable because it helps sell their products and services.

The other reason is that it gives you a chance to start your own business within a business, it gives you that shot at free enterprise, to get paid what you are worth and not what someone tells you that you are worth.

That is of course if you’re doing it the right way, many people come into this industry being trained by the wrong people and quickly realized that they are not having the success that they dreamed of. That’s why the most important thing that you can do is seek out someone that can show you how this is supposed to be done.

Check out the video on how I get my network marketing education build my business and how I teach others to build their business.