Yeah guys, I’m talking about the mlm attraction marketing tool that is called a blog.

Now to give you an idea of what a blog is,  for those that might not know a blog is basically a website.

How can this mlm attraction marketing tool help your business

It’s a personal website that is very flexible and customizable, you see a traditional website is what you call a static site, the information that’s on their stays on there. The information that you see on the traditional website can be changed but it has to be done by someone that understands coding and HTML which is a language that the computer understands.

Why use blogs for mlm attraction marketing

Blogs give you a central place to call you home,  your home base when you can design the way you like, where you can put your own style and twist on the information that you place on them. Unlike a static website, blogs are very user-friendly you can display your content however you like and when I say content I mean it can be written content, audio content, or video content and you can add and change it whenever or however you like.

For MLM attraction marketing purposes the way to use your blog is to establish yourself as an expert someone who knows what they are doing and that is in a position to help your visitors become a successful network marketer.

So the goal of your mlm attraction marketing blog is for it to become a place where people that searching for information on the Internet can get educated on a variety of different marketing strategies that you provide and train on and for you to become a trusted authority that they can keep coming back to learn more valuable information from.

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