The key ingredient in any form of online marketing is a term that we hear of all the time when it comes to using the internet to build our business. If you are building a business online the thing that everyone talks about is building a list. The concept of building an email list is a very smart way to run a business and is something that traditional brick and mortar businesses would have loved to figure out years ago.

I am on a few of the top online marketer’s lists, always trying to pickup a few pointers here and there on how to grow my business with new cutting edge marketing techniques.

I saw this technique in action and saw how much of a powerful strategy it was that I wanted to share it with you so you can add it to your list building tool bag.

The list building tip goes like this, I was driven to a lead capture page that had a video message that started with him talking about the features and benefits of the product that he was offering, he went in to how great the product was and he also slipped in some effective direct response marketing techniques. The message was captivating and had a nice flow to it but suddenly the video stopped and text came up on the screen that said “if you want to see the rest of the video enter your name and email information and the rest of the video will be provided”.

Yes, I did optin to the page because I wanted to see the rest of the video and how it ended.   I laughed so hard at how this marketer used this technique because I though it was funny and a brilliant list building strategy that any one can use to increase their conversion rate.

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