One of the buzz words going around in the network marketing industry nowadays is attraction marketing. There are thousands of people researching network marketing everyday they want to know about some of the recruiting methods and how they can become successful in this industry so I wanted to shed some light on this powerful lead generation skill and why I think that it so effective.

Having lead generation skills is one of the most important skills that you must have when you are building a MLM business because if you don’t have no one to talk to you will get no where fast. Most people come into this business and are taught to write a list of everyone that they know,  contact them and notify them that they are starting a new business, and when that list of people run out they don’t know where to go from there.

Attraction marketing works well because it is a lead generation technique that works on human psychology. It is a method of doing business that teaches you to promote yourself, your skills and abilities to show people that are looking to come into this industry or your specific company that you are knowledgeable about how the business works and that you can teach them how to become successful in this business.

One of the major components of these attraction skills is people see you as a leader, someone that’s been where they are and can lead them to having a successful career in MLM.

Another component of this lead generation skill is to teach the skills that you have learned and give value to others that are looking for these lessons, by writing valuable articles like this one or recording information on audio or video and making it available free for those that are researching this industry making it a powerful way to recruit others into your MLM business.

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