There are many buzz words and phrases that come up through out our lives and in this day and age there is no bigger buzz going around internationally than the social media buzz. We first heard about My Space a few years ago and how so many friendships, connections and relationships were being built from this website. Today the social media buzz is even bigger and everyone is taking part in the opportunity to do some of the things that you are capable of doing.

In this article I will share some information on how you can use these powerful websites to gain a lead generation education that can help you grow your network marketing business. There are countless amounts of these web 2.0 websites but I will talk about a couple of the big ones where most of the people hand out.

My Space was not the first social media site but it was the most heavily visited and the most active of the many around. When it started to become popular it was known as a connection and networking tool that had a lot of functionality, you are able to download pictures and music and build relationships with others from all around the world. My Space is still used today but it has gained a reputation that it’s used mostly by kids and young adults.

Today social media is not just a buzz word anymore they’re getting some of the highest praise and acknowledgements. Websites like Face Book, Twitter and LinkedIn are some of the most visited websites on the internet and some of the most cutting edge lead generation education is being taught everyday. One of the ways that you can get educated to learn these strategies is that different groups are formed within the site and depending on the group there are training conference calls and webinars that are conducted where you can join, connect with others and get educated. These sites are so popular that not only are people conducting business everyday on these websites but now major international companies are finding ways to utilize them to advertise their businesses.

So in my opinion this is a very effective way of not only getting a lead generation education but you can build relationships with others learn together and all of this information is being shared for free.

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