When we as business people decide to bring our business on the internet or create a business using the internet one of the first problems that we face is that we are new to all of this technology and how we are able to  use it and make money. What I want to write about in this article is only 3 of the strategies that you can learn to point you in the right direction so that you can achieve a good lead generation education.

1.     The first strategy I want to talk about is content marketing this strategy is a very effective way of marketing, some of the content strategies include writing articles, creating squidoo lens, creating hub pages or press releases. These marketing strategies are a great way to get started marketing your business.

2.     The next strategy I want to talk about is Social Media marketing, this strategy includes using the very popular websites like Myspace, Facebook, Twitter and many other social sites to market your business. The object to using these sites to market your business is to connect with people with similar interests and ideas build a relationship and assist them with their business needs and when the time is right introduce your business to them when they are looking.

3.     Another good strategy that I want to talk about is Video marketing. This strategy is very effective because it gets the word out about your product or service in a way that many people enjoy, watching it live on screen. One of the sites that this marketing strategy is done is the famous You Tube. Another reason why  video marketing works so well is that You Tube is the most popular but it’s just one of the hundreds of video sites that you can use to get your word out.