business focusI can say that the number 1 reason so many people fail in this industry is because of what they picture this business to be to them.

Most company’s sign up fee is $500 or less and that is not really that much money, so most people say they will put up the money to join their company and if they are not seeing the success they believe they should be making they will quit and the few hundred dollars that they invested really won’t hurt them that much.

You need to have the mindset that you are investing in a business that costs 100k and they should run their business that way.

I say it all starts with mindset if you are in it to win it you need to make sure that you are taking your business as serious as if it were a business that cost 100k or better, because if you treat your business the right way it can pay you better than a 100k business can in a shorter time.

I’ve seen people come into this industry and make it to the top levels in their company’s and make CEO type income all because they made the decision to take their business serious.


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