fail vs successOne of the reasons why so many people quit their business is because they initially look at their failures in the beginning and get discouraged.

If you think about it for a minute you can understand what people go through.

All of our lives we learned that failing at something is BAD.

Which it really is not a bad thing at all, think about all the failings you had in your life when you first started something.

What if you failed at trying to walk as a baby you would have never been able to walk, babies don’t quit trying to walk because they fell the first few times out.

What if you gave up at learning something that you really wanted to learn that you finally got, you would have never accomplished that skill.

The same thing goes for business if you give up too quick, you will never learn what you need to learn from the failures that you have gotten.

You need to look at failing as a positive learning experience instead of a negative experience. 


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