I read a recent news article that said that there are tens of thousands of people that think of starting some sort of an extra home business income stream for a variety of reasons every month. We hear about massive downsizing and layoffs almost everyday from one major company or the other and people are more than ever now looking out for themselves as far as their finances go. The number one place that people are turning to research that new found entrepreneurial spirit is on the internet.

So in this article I wanted to talk about some of the different directions that a person can go into on the internet that can get them started with their research and get them on the right track to having a profitable and successful business. I picked 3 different areas that a person can research when looking for that extra home business income, there are many more but these 3 will get them started.

The first area that I wanted to talk about is starting an online store. A person can go to popular websites like amazon.com, Yahoo or ebay to get started. Within these websites and all over the internet there are tons of info on how to get started and how to succeed with an online store. One of the great things about going in this direction is that you can choose what you want to sell from your store.

Another good direction you can go into to create a home business income stream is Affiliate marketing. An affiliate marketer sells other companies products and services in exchange for a commission. I think this is one of the favorite ways that people use make money online, a few of the benefits include not having to interact with customers as hands on as some of the other ways, you don’t have to run a store and manage a variety of products and you don’t have to worry about fulfilling and shipping out products, that is done by the company.

We also have my favorite which is Network Marketing, where a person markets products and services primarily to their friends, families and acquanties and they get paid by commission. The key component is that you not only get paid a commission on the products and services that you sell but you also introduce people to the business that may want to build their own home business income and you also get paid a commission on their sales because you recruited them into the company.

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