You hear it everywhere in all the videos webinars and articles about how attraction marketing really works. The thing that most of the top marketers that are applying attraction marketing principles successfully talk about is giving value.

For some reason whenever I hear a marketer talking about attraction marketing and giving value for some reason I just couldn’t put my finger on exactly how I was supposed to give value.
Was I supposed to wait until I memorized all the information and really get good with this information or just fake it until I made it.

Will I finally figured it out and I still don’t know why I had such a problem with this but I want to give my account of what giving value really means and how to use it in attraction marketing.

One good thing about figuring this thing out is now that I understand how attraction marketing works I can now share my experience with others that are having the same challenges that I was having and help them by sharing my experience of cracking the giving value code.

Breaking down attraction marketing

To make attraction marketing easy to understand as it pertains not only to MLM, but you can apply these principles to many different marketing industries.

There are thousands of marketing techniques out there being taught on a variety of different topics. When you are learning these marketing lessons you are gaining valuable information from other people’s trainings whether it’s webinars, videos or articles. As you start applying and getting some positive results from these techniques you can now give your account of that training to others with the intention of helping to show them how to use it in their business with no strings attached.

This how attraction marketing is done

An example of this would be to let’s say you wrote an article or shot a video on “Facebook marketing” that you learned a week or two ago and someone took a look at it, got some valuable information from it and started using it to help them build their business you just use attraction marketing by giving value away on some training that you learned weeks ago that helped someone else. In turn they will be interested in who you are now and probably want to contact you to show you some love by telling you thanks or they would want to know what else you can help them with.

Watch this 40 min. video on how to learn how attraction marketing is being used to build successful network marketing businesses.