I’m an Internet marketer and a lot of what I do requires teaching people how to do a variety of different marketing techniques,
many of the training platforms including one I get my Online MLM Training from MLSP all use the most effective form of online teaching and that is using recorded video message and  screen capture software, where you can record your computer screen to show what you are doing.

Some of the top screen capture software can cost you alot of money and if you are just starting out spending lots of money may not be an option for you right now. So a good way of getting your recorded video message out using a screen capture program that you can use to do so some of the same things that the big boys do and that is getting a lot of love these days is a program called Jing.

Jing is a free online recorded video message software program that is limited in some ways that the paid products aren’t but Free is Free. Jing will give you the ability to record your computer screen and do the basic tasks a paid screen capture recording program can do but save you some coin.

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