comfort zone1I just saw a quote that said “Life begins on the other side of your comfort zone”.

I Stopped and said to myself how true that quote was.

As humans we really never really challenge ourselves when it comes to doing things that are serious.

We rarely do different things on a daily basis, it’s mostly the same routine everyday.

Just think about it, when was the last time you changed what you do, if you noticed we usually wake up the same time everyday, we eat the same things pretty much for breakfast everyday, we leave home and take the same route everyday.

We just are comfortable doing the same things everyday, which nothing is wrong with, but we will not know what we can do or really how strong we are unless we change things up occasionally.

Now let me put a business spin on it, if you are going to be successful in any kind of business especially sales and marketing, success is hidden in the things that we don’t like doing.

Like talking to strangers or asking people to buy what we have to sell, so if you want to make it big in your business you must get comfortable with being uncomfortable. 


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