There are a lot of people in network marketing using online methods to build or add on to the marketing strategies that they are currently using. The life blood of marketing any product, service or business is having the ability to talk to people that may be interested in what you have to offer. Without this aspect being present you are just spinning your wheels and your business building efforts will go nowhere. You need to have a marketing strategy that will allow you to generate leads but if you can generate free network marketing leads for your business how great would that be?

In this article I wanted to outline a couple of free lead generators that may help people with being a success in their business without them having to spend their way out of the industry. Using marketing techniques like Content Marketing and Social Media Marketing are some of the ways to generate leads and it can do wonders for people building their business because there is no monetary outlay.

Using social media as a way to generate free network marketing leads is proving to be very effective in not only MLM but its being used now by multinational fortune 500 companies to market their products and services. The reason that this marketing strategy is getting more and more popular is simply because these websites are where everyone is hanging out. The key mantra that you must use when you are using social media to recruit in your network marketing business is “Build A Relationship” with people and not pitch your business to any and everyone.

Another marketing strategy that a person can use to build their business is Article marketing. This strategy is and has always been a way to market your business; this is true because the number one search engine on the internet Google loves the spread of content on the World Wide Web. There are several benefits of using articles as a free network marketing lead strategy; one is the use of Search Engine Optimization. SEO is the process of getting your website rankings to rise up the ladder in popularity when you combine keywords that are linked to your article subject and your website.

Using Video marketing as a strategy to build your business is another good technique, this is done by filming yourself talking on a variety of subjects that may attract prospects to take a look at what you are doing. There are many other ways to build your business using the internet but I wanted to get you off to a good start using some of the most popular free ways of marketing online.

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