With the emergence of web 2.0 and social media marketing the subject being talked about by many marketers is if email marketing still a viable way of building a network marketing business and how effective it is. The question that continuously comes up is if there is still money in email marketing. Well I have a one word answer in big capital letters for this question and I will say it loud and the answer is a giant Yes.

In this article I will talk about a few email marketing tips that will prove that this form of marketing still exists and how it had and always will stand the test of time. I will also give you a couple of strategies on how you can use it to grow your network marketing business with your valuable leads.

The number one reason why you should be gathering email information from leads and prospects is to primarily build relationships with them. A big misconception is that it is to be used to constantly talk about your business and try to recruit them into your business. Yes they should be informed about new products, services and info on the company that you are with but if you build that relationship along the way they will be eager to want to hear about your business and what you are offering because they now see you as a friend and a leader in the business.

Another email marketing tip is to include affiliate links to valuable products and services that will help them with their business building efforts, that way you will pick up commissions for recommending services that they need. There should also be a link to the business that you are with so that they can take a look when it’s convenient for them.

So email marketing is a valuable tool that you should be taking advantage of by communicating with your leads, building a relationship with them and informing them about your company. You should also educate them on your products and be sharing valuable lessons that you learn from building your business on a daily basis. Your recruiting efforts will increase and you will develop some long lasting relationship along the way.

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