The name of the game in marketing is presenting the right offer to the right prospects and building a relationship with them. Research studies indicate that prospects need seven exposures to your offer before they buy from you. So how can you guarantee that they visit your site those seven times. Simple you collect their contact information and then you follow up with them periodically through your email marketing system, also known as an auto responder. An auto responder is a software program that is used to help you keep in touch and build a trusting relationship with prospects and customers through email.

There are many companies that offer email follow up but two of the top companies are Aweber and Get Response, these are monthly membership sites that are designed to help you stay in constant contact with your customers and prospects. Inside these programs are built in features and tools that help you save the personal information that your prospects login with like their name email and phone number.

One of the big reasons why using an email marketing system is so effective is that you can communicate a variety of messages to your prospects. One of the staples in business is that people buy from people or companies that they know like and trust, so just imagine being able to present your sales, new products and offerings to your customers on a monthly basis. That is the reason that every time you go into most of the big name stores they bribe you for your email information.

Using email marketing as a marketing tool is being used by all types of companies in every industry to market all types of products because of it’s effectiveness to communicate with others and promote your business. As a result it’s a win win for everyone the customers are happy because of the relationship that is being built and the business owner is happy because of the increased profits that the business is bringing in.

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