routineWe also call this a DMO or a daily method of operation and this DMO is responsible for so many success stories in the network marketing industry.

Success in this industry comes from doing the boring tasks everyday until finally the ball starts rolling so fast you couldn’t stop it if you tried.

As far back as we can remember everything we do revolves around a routine. As a baby we woke up around the same time everyday, we went to sleep many times a day around the same time.

Even as an adult our lives still revolve around having and following routines.  So the lesson that I want to share with you here is that if you are going to be the top notch marketer that you are looking to become you must develop and stick to a marketing routine.

I suggest that you write down a few activities that agree with your schedule and personality and don’t try to do too much because it will become overwhelming.

The point to this lesson is to become comfortable with what you are doing and do it according to your availability and liking so that there is no stress involved.

When you develop and follow your marketing routine it does not matter how long you do it for, it can be 1 hour to multiple hours long what is important is that you are following it everyday.

Once you start implementing this new skill, success will show it’s head sometime in the near future.


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