Using the internet as a vehicle to market and build your business is very new to most people that make that decision to expand into cyber space. The internet is a powerful instrument to use and like most things in life there is a learning curve that is associated with the implementation of new things. In this article what I want to speak about is the many business marketing tools that most people starting an online business need to familiarize themselves with so that they can succeed in business.

The first and I think the most important tool that needs to be learned about is an Auto Responder. This tool is the cornerstone of most online businesses, an auto responder is a tool that is used to communicate, build relationships and follow up with all prospective leads and customers. An auto responder is an online tool that you subscribe to from a company that provides the ability for you to keep the name, email address and other contact information in one place. This information is kept and personally stored by you so that you can use at will to build a list of clients and use to keep in contact with them when needed.

Another business marketing tool that is important to your business is a Lead Capture Page. This tool is a text document that is used to capture the name and email information from people that is interested in the products or services that you are selling. This tool is used in conjunction with an auto responder to send these prospects prewritten email messages to keep in touch and build relationships with.

The last business marketing tool that I want to speak about in this article is a Sales Page. This tool is used to introduce your product or service to the prospect that opted into your lead capture page, wound up in your auto responder and now you are showing them the exact offer that you have for them. They are able to read your information and if they like it they are able to make the purchase on this page if your offer is something that they want.