brand youI want to give you a few branding tips that will help you stand out from all the other marketers out there.

Just remember that one of the key points of being a marketer online is to attract people to you.

Hence attraction marketing..

So standing out and planting a flag showing people who you are is a major principle of marketing online.

One key branding tip is setting up a blog for yourself.

A blog is a personalized website that is owned and operated by you and it houses all of you articles, videos and other content that you share with people online.

Another key branding tip is letting people know what you want to be known for.

What do you specialize in are you a article marketer, video marketer.

You should let people know what you do and how you can help them succeed.

Another key branding tip is to let people know your story.

You should share your story with them on how you got started in the business and your journey to where you are now and where you are plan on going. 


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