Launched in January, 2011 Bellamora international is a direct sales and network marketing organization. Bellamora International focuses on skin care products that claim to hold the secrets to youthful looking skin and what started with five initial skin care products in January has quickly grown to become one of the most popular and talked about money making opportunities these days in the  network marketing space. So what makes Bellamora different from the rest? Several reviews that have been written about the company and its marketing efforts have found the organization to have solid leadership foundations in all levels; from founders to the network marketing teams.

The Bellamora International  Group has also become quite popular because of its very generous compensation plans which provides payouts to the distributors that go up to fifty percent. This ensures a very hefty profit potential for the product’s distributors.

And just so you know the cosmetics as well as skin care industry is, collectively, an industry that is worth over 500 billion dollars a year, so distributors can certainly expect a huge earning potential for everyone. So how does a Bellamora Group partner get to benefit from such a lucrative industry? The secret to making it is very simple, and that is a distributor needs to treat the opportunity as an actual business and work hard on it if the distributor expects to receive payouts like a real business.

One way to help bellamora international group distributors to receive big payouts involves promoting the products both online and offline. And using automated lead generation is one of the things that a Bellamora distributor can do in order to get ahead of the competition.

Apart from automated lead generation, there are also many other methods that a distributor can use to build a profitable business. There are of course, several highly popular social networking sites that a Bellamora distributor can use to generate his or her leads with. Identifying the specific social networking sites where this target audience can be found is essential in a distributor’s marketing efforts.
Twenty years ago, Dr. Bruce Miller had accidentally founded what has become a very popular money making opportunity that we know these days. And Bellamora has indeed provided its share of opportunities to countless of individuals who are looking for ways to earn money.
Many successful distributors have shared the secret to earning big in the company; and that is through trusting the product, understanding the needs of the market and working hard to get as many people to believe in the product as possible.
Bellamora international is now having one of the hottest buzzes on the network marketing scene and from what I hear it is well worth the praise that it is getting. So if you are here looking to see if this is a legitimate company, somewhere you can hang your hat and build a successful business I give it my full endorsement.
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