hungryIf you didn’t know, there is said to be over a 90% failure rate in Network Marketing. My question to you is are you hungry enough to make network marketing work for you?

I truly believe that’s what it really comes down to your hunger. Most people that comes into this industry wants to focus on the how to, they want to know what’s the first thing they should say, how to say it to them and what should I do once they say yes or no.

Now all that is definitely something we should concern ourselves with but if you are trained correctly by the right sponsor and people on your team those lessons should be taught within the first week or two and you should be earning why you are learning.

Once you receive your first check from your company you should consider yourself a success and because most people never get that first victory of a check in their hands a major percent of people that come into this industry quit within their first 30 to 60 days. The real success or failure lives within you, it has little to do with the know how and what I should do and say to people.

It all boils down to your will to win and how hungry you really are to make this network marketing thing happen for you. The answer to all your network marketing success depends not only on how hungry you are but how hungry you can stay.

Some people come into this business very hungry for a few weeks and just before the success starts to pop for them the fire burns out never to be lit again.

So your main objective when you come into this industry is get yourself to where your desire for success is burning as bright as the sun and most importantly keep it burning bright until you start seeing some success.

Also for those of you that have been in this industry for a while looking for success my suggestion for you guys is to just get busy so that you can light that fire and find a way to keep it burning and success will be waiting for you around the corner.

There are plenty of ways to get yourself going and start achieving the success you are looking for. The one key thing that will make this network marketing thing work for you is to learn how to generate your own leads, I have a free video training that you can look at that will help you learn the skills needed to blow up your network marketing business. Check it out here!!

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Ronnie Green