actonThere are plenty of things that a person can do to build their business everyday, you could whether you are using online methods or offline methods a person can find many ways to build their business.

My question to you is are you focusing on doing the activity or are you focusing on results?

Everyone always says to take action and you will be o.k. and that is true because most people get stuck and stop taking action and whine up quitting on themselves.

What I want to stress here today is taking action is definitely the thing to do because I believe you will build your business as long as you are taking some forward action.

The real success will come to you if you are taking results based action. What I mean by this is to take your daily actions but know what your intended results are for the day and really set out to achieving that goal before the end of the day.

So instead of saying I am going to talk to 10 people today you need set your goal to get 5 leads today from talking to 10 or more people and make sure your result is met by the end of the day.

These are just a few of the things you can be doing daily to get the results you need to succeed.


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