In this blazing fast paced world of the  information age with the likes of the internet and social media websites like Twitter, Facebook and others it is easy to just go through our everyday lives and try to  take on all of these personal interactions with friends, family and new associates.

It’s not easy to always follow up and keep yourself and others in the loop. Now that applies even more when your in Network Marketing.

Following up is not only the correct thing to do but it’s crucial to your business success. We can sometimes slack up and not get back to our friends and family in a timely manner but that’s not always good because that can lead to a lost of a  business transaction from time to time.

When it comes to following up with leads and prospects or just connecting with them in a timely manner we must find a way to stay on top of this. So we need help, whether we put them in our calendar, phone or PDA this is a task we must master.