goalsWe all make that new years resolution to ourselves about how we want to achieve this or that this year.

Problem is that by the time February rolls around we broke the promise to ourselves and our stick to it plan is out the window.

I have 3 simple points on how you can achieve your goals this year.

First thing you need to do is write your goals down.

I told you it was simple.

It sounds simple but one of the things that makes us stay on track with goals is writing them down.

Second thing is to post your written goal in a few places where you can see them everyday and read it to ourself daily.

This is another thing that will help keep us on track to holding ourselves accountable to what we want to do.

The third thing is to whip out a camera and film yourself reading the goals out loud to yourself and looking at this video everyday.

These simple 3 points will help you keep your goals in front of you and remind you to stay on track with your promise to yourself to accomplish the goals you want to achieve. 


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