I was talking to a new member of my team and one of the things that I wanted to stress the importance of was getting things done in your business.

I wanted to share these three points with you because I’m sure it will help you while building your MLM business.

Point #1 is to set weekly goals, I know you hear this all the time but it’s true you need to write down your goals for the day and week. You need to be crystal clear what you want to be doing and what you are going to accomplish daily and weekly.

Point #2 Manage your activity and discipline so you can keep yourself focused on completing your goals throughout the day. Finding a way to stay on track is very important while building your business.

Point #3 You need to go over your goals daily and at the end of the day and reflect on what you accomplished and cross off what you did do. The things you did not do you should still have time to complete before the day is over.

If you can hold yourself to these 3 valuable points on a daily basis your network marketing business will grow to heights you won’t believe.


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